Statement of Respondent’s Rights

Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX)

  1. The respondent will have the right to notice of violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy made against them including the name of the person initiating the action, as well as the date, time, and location of the investigative meetings where responsibility will be determined.
  2. The respondent will receive support from the College in obtaining needed counseling or other support, including referral to the appropriate community agencies.
  3. The respondent will be aided by the College in obtaining a learning environment that is safe and secure.
  4. The respondent will be assured of the confidentiality within the protocol followed by the College.
  5. The respondent will have the right to have an advisor of their choice during any Geisinger Commonwealth investigative or appeal proceeding (advisors, however, are restricted from speaking during investigative or appeal proceedings – their role is purely supportive and advisory);
  6. The respondent has the right to be informed of the outcome.