Admissions at Geisinger Commonwealth

Geisinger Commonwealth is one of the nation’s newest medical colleges located in northeastern and north central Pennsylvania that offers a community-based model of medical education with regional campuses: North (Scranton), South (Wilkes-Barre), Central (Danville), Guthrie (Sayre), and Doylestown.

The College attracts students from within its 21-county region as well as across Pennsylvania and the nation who are interested in studying evidence- and community-based medicine and who have a strong desire to serve their community.


Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

The MD Program is a four-year doctorate program that uses a distributive model of medical education through four regional campuses leading to the MD degree. Geisinger Commonwealth is among the first United States medical school to adopt the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) model as the standard clinical experience for the entire medical school class in the third year.



Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Program

Our MBS Program is a one-year graduate program in biomedical sciences designed to help strengthen an applicant’s credentials for medical and other health-related professional schools.

Prospective Students

At Geisinger Commonwealth, student recruiting initiatives seek to attract and retain students who share the passion for fulfilling the healthcare needs in the region beyond a strict academic experience, furthering the College’s commitment to scholarship, teaching, and service.

Applicants admitted to Geisinger Commonwealth create a legacy of physicians and healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable, compassionate, innovative, creative, community-oriented, and dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of healthcare for all.

The College welcomes applicants with diverse experiences to enrich academic performance and service. We are firmly committed to the creation and maintenance of a non-discriminatory environment for faculty, staff, and students and will extend every effort to embrace diverse experiences to strengthen and expand the overall academic life at Geisinger Commonwealth. Our diversity priorities include women, African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan Natives, Northeastern and North Central PA residents, first-generation college, and economically disadvantaged applicants.