MBS-Doylestown Admissions

Geisinger Commonwealth’s Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program with Baruch S. Blumberg Institute (BSBI) offers individuals the opportunity to:

  • Engage in reality-based education. Our intensive biomedical curriculum includes a community health research project, corporate visits and mentoring from faculty, research scientists, business executives and entrepreneurs.
  • Earn a Master’s Degree in 16 months. 
  • Focus on your career. A distinct learning environment offers: access to career mentors; career and laboratory fairs; networking events; industry tours; distinguished guest lecturers; industry, research, and healthcare panels; research presentations; and industry introductions – all of which will help you plot your career path.
  • Enhance your academic record and gain research experience. Highly qualified medical school program educators, research scholars and experienced industry executives will guide you through the MBS curriculum.
  • Prepare for professional school. For those students interested in medical school, coursework is aimed at this preparation, and you will be able to take the Princeton Review MCAT Prep Course. This comprehensive course is offered at no additional charge. Students successfully completing the degree will be invited to an interview for medical school at Geisinger Commonwealth based on meeting specified criteria.

Study where you live and work.

MBS classes are offered evenings and weekends with the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center.

We live in an increasingly complex world.

Healthcare reform, transformation to a value-based marketplace, the accelerating and unpredictable impact of technology and innovation, and the challenges of improving population health require an integrated expertise across a number of scientific disciplines. 

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s (Geisinger Commonwealth’s) Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program with the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute (BSBI) brings together the substantial resources of a fully accredited medical college (Geisinger Commonwealth) and an internationally renowned research institute (BSBI), which created and is located at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County – an innovative, market-minded “biotechnology incubator.” This program represents what we believe is the future of pioneering scientific education and learning communities.

Many students have used Geisinger Commonwealth’s MBS program to apply successfully to medical school and other research universities. However, the MBS program offered with BSBI offers an additional exciting and enriching opportunity.

As a student in our MBS program you will be exposed to more than 30 incubator companies, two of which have a market capitalization of over $1 billion. You will also be introduced to major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the region. A robust faculty – ranging from basic research scientists to clinical experts to commercial research laboratory leaders – will challenge you both inside and outside the classroom.

And your classroom is not what you might expect. You will learn in a multi modal, educational ecosystem – a laboratory, a boardroom, an incubator, and a medical school, to name just a few of the learning venues. Curriculum will be grounded by an integrated, multidisciplinary framework enhanced by real-life case studies, both within the incubator and beyond, via access to life science industry partners.

Whether you are seeking to position yourself for further graduate study, professional school (such as medicine, dental, or optometry) or professional development within your corporation, Geisinger Commonwealth’s MBS program with BSBI prepares students for a lifetime of careers within the life science arena, including medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, research, and education.  


Mullholand_JB“The MBS program gave me great professional contacts which helped me get into clinical research. Networking with the faculty was really valuable because I learned from them about so many career opportunities. The degree has definitely made my portfolio more competitive. Most important, it’s a great education that put me light years ahead. I came in as a research assistant. I’ve already been moved into leadership positions from there.” – Jonbrandon Mullholand, MBS ’15, Clinical Research Assistant, Coordinator-in-Training, University of Pennsylvania Hospital

Russo_Molly“Geisinger Commonwealth’s MBS Program helped me prepare for medical school in a variety of ways. I had so much support and encouragement on my path towards medical school during my time in the MBS program. The program was challenging, and the concepts and intensity provided excellent preparation for medical school. Not only was I able to strengthen my science background, but I had help in navigating the application process, assistance in writing a great medical school application essay, and opportunities to expand my application outside of the classroom through volunteer and research opportunities. I am grateful for the opportunity the MBS program afforded me, and I wouldn’t be as prepared as I have been for my first year of medical school if it weren’t for Geisinger Commonwealth.”  – Molly Russo, MBS ’15, Drexel University College of Medicine

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