Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine educates aspiring physicians and scientists to serve society using a community-based, patient-centered, interprofessional and evidence-based model of education that is committed to inclusion, promotes discovery and utilizes innovative techniques.

Curriculum Team  

Carien M. Williams, JD, MS
Associate Dean for Curriculum

Jenna L. Strzelecki, MBA
Director of Curriculum Development, Assessment and Business

Devon Bremer, MS
Senior Education Specialist

Elizabeth McGill, PhD
Regional Education Specialist- North Campus

Jill Taggart, MS
Regional Education Specialist- Central Campus

Erin Dunleavy, MA, PhD
Assistant Director of Assessment

James Morgan
Curriculum Coordinator – MD1/MD2

Justin Collins
Curriculum Coordinator – MD1/MD2

Gina Osif, MA
Clinical Education Coordinator

Lauri E. Coletti
Administrative Assistant to Dept. of Curriculum, Development & Assessment