Pipeline Program

Our pipeline program is a multi-faceted effort that aims to improve academic proficiencies in the sciences and guide rural, disadvantaged, female, under-represented minorities (URM) and first generation elementary, high school, community college and college students toward higher education, medical school or higher level health careers (i.e., nurse practitioner, researcher or scientist, to name a few).

Our pipeline program requires unique partnerships with designated community organizations, public school districts and teachers, and four-year colleges and universities, to generate interests in science and mathematics and create a pathway to higher education.

Our pipeline program strives to:

  • Inspire and provide opportunities to students who otherwise would never dream of higher education or higher level health/medical careers;
  • Develop an effective transition to higher education for students with interests and aptitudes in science and mathematics;
  • Provide broader career opportunities to the region’s disadvantaged and minority students; and
  • Contribute to the development of community physicians of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

While Geisinger Commonwealth is considering the development of various pipeline program models to implement throughout Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania, in March 2009 the College entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Wilkes University and Luzerne County Community College to target students in Luzerne County.

All parties are now working to develop an academic and advising infrastructure to improve science proficiencies within the region’s public schools; increase parental involvement; enhance academic advisement and financial support to address the region’s need for more physicians and health professionals. In addition, the parties are also developing a dual admissions program to create a seamless transition from community college to the four-year university. Furthermore, Geisinger Commonwealth is now in discussions with the Scranton School District to explore a pipeline program model that can reach K-12 students and beyond.