REACH-HEI Middle and High School Programs

REACH-HEI offers afterschool programs during the academic year that focus on discovering the practical application of science and math in various health careers. Professionals and college professors share health career and college planning information and integrate science and math lessons to allow students to discover the connection between class subjects and real-life job skills and duties.

Students also receive enrichment classes in writing, study skills, leadership, cultural competency, college planning, health research, SAT preparation and much more.

The REACH-HEI program is designed to help students from economically challenged families in northeast Pennsylvania. All REACH-HEI participants receive continuous mentoring and program support from high school through community or four-year college graduation.

HRSA, a federal agency, has provided funding for REACH-HEI, a student-centered, dynamic approach to a program that promises to help you succeed in school, plan for your career, gain entrance into college, and to secure your dream job in healthcare.