Guidelines for Enduring Material

Enduring materials are printed, audio, video or electronic activities, including internet, computer-assisted instruction and broadcast activities. To be designated for credit, enduring materials must:

  • Comply with the guidelines for category 1 activities.
  • Disclose principal speakers and their credentials*.
  • Disclose contributor support*.
  • Disclose medium or combination of media used*.
  • Contain clear instructions to the learner on how to successfully complete the activity to earn credit.
  • Communicate to the learner the minimum performance level that must be demonstrated in the assessment in order to successfully complete the activity*.
  • Have estimate of time to complete the educational activity*.
  • Provide access to supplemental materials to reinforce and clarify specific information.
  • Prove access to appropriate bibliographic sources to allow further study*.
  • Medium or combination of media used*.
  • Record and verify participation.
  • Provide an assessment of the learner that measures achievement of the educational purpose and/or objective(s) of the activity with an established minimum performance level; this may include, but is not limited to, patient-management case studies, a post-test and/or application of new concepts in response to simulated problems.
  • Be evaluated at least once every three years, or more frequently if indicated by new scientific developments. (Findings from the evaluation process must be used by the planning committee and departmental administration to revise, update, or plan future versions of the enduring material.)
  • Date of original release*
  • Most recent review or update*
  • Termination date*

* Providers of enduring materials must communicate the above information to participants so that they are aware of this information prior to starting the educational activity.

Designating and awarding credit for participation in an enduring material

  • Credit designation for each enduring material must be determined by a mechanism developed by the accredited CME provider to establish a good faith estimate of the amount of time a physician will take to complete the activity to achieve its purpose and/or learning objectives (e.g. the average time it takes a small sample group of the target audience to complete the material); credit is designated in 15 minute or 0.25 credit increments; accredited CME providers must round to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Credit should be awarded only to physicians who meet at least the minimum performance level on the assessment as established by the accredited CME provider.