Clinical Preceptors at Geisinger Commonwealth

The Clinical Preceptor in the first two years is a physician who provides opportunities for students to interact with you and your patients. Your practice will be a living laboratory where students are encouraged to practice their clinical skills under your supervision. Geisinger Commonwealth encourages Year 1 and Year 2 Preceptors to ask their student to join them in other community or educational activities during their time with you. During Years 1 and 2 of the curriculum, most of these interactions take place during three, one-week community experiences. Students are assigned to various sites and experiences during these weeks.

The Clinical Preceptor in Year 3 is a more extensive role and a larger commitment for the faculty member. Please see the information below regarding the role and responsibilities of a 3rd Year Preceptor.

Faculty Roles and Responsibilities

The main goal of Geisinger Commonwealth model of education in the 3rd Year is to provide you the opportunity to work with the student in your office on the assigned half day per week during the year. Your guidance and mentorship is paramount to the quality of the student’s education. Unlike the first two years, this is not a shadowing experience. This experience is meant to provide your student with graduated responsibility in patient care under your supervision. In each discipline there is a list of cases and procedures that the students should observe/perform. Determination and assignment of appropriate patients is also a very important part of this process. The students need to build a panel of patients that they can follow over the course of the academic year, so patients with chronic illnesses will help them better understand the course and treatment of illnesses. Reviewing the student’s notes and giving feedback is one of your most vital responsibilities. In person feedback and evaluations of the students (, 90 days, 6 months and end of year) are a requirement of faculty serving in this role and are most important to the assessment of the student’s skill level and breadth of knowledge in your discipline.

Requirements for Clinical Preceptors

  • Obtain a Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment at Geisinger Commonwealth.
  • Keep your appointment active, by participating in Geisinger Commonwealth Faculty Development Meetings and CME Programs, Precepting Students and Participating in other Geisinger Commonwealth Committees or Activities

Current Clinical Preceptors can find more information in the Geisinger Commonwealth portal.

If you work in our 17-county service area and are interested in becoming a clinical preceptor, please contact the Department of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development at 570-504-9634 or via e-mail at