Regional Campuses


From the very first day of medical school, students become part of the community and are assigned to one of the regional campuses.  Each student is assigned a physician mentor and a Family Centered Experience (FCE) program family.  

The FCE program is a unique and important part of Geisinger Commonwealth’s patient-centered community-based curriculum.  The goal of the FCE program is for the medical student to learn the human aspect and personal family experiences that arise from managing a chronic, serious illness or disability.  The family volunteers their time and allows students to observe and learn medicine from the patient perspective, including how the family makes decisions, pays for services and navigates the healthcare system.

Time spent in the regional campus varies by year. In year one and year two, students spend (3) one-week rotations in the region to gain clinical experience early in the learning process. In addition, students work with local health agencies and participate in community service projects that enhance the health of regional citizens.

In year three and year four, medical students live and work in the regional campus full time.