EAGeR Study

The Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction (EAGeR) Study was a national, multi-site randomized clinical trial that evaluated the effects of low dose aspirin (LDA) compared to placebo in women who have had a pregnancy loss sometime in the past and were hoping to conceive.

Geisinger Commonwealth joined the trial as a site in 2008 and received significant support from local clinicians, newspapers and of course, women who were willing to participate. The last participants were enrolled in June 2011 and in total, 1,229 women participated nationwide.

The study results are soon to be published in The Lancet. Reference: THELANCET-D-13-05499R2, Article title: Preconception Low Dose Aspirin and Pregnancy Outcomes: Findings from the EAGeR (Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction) Randomized Trial

Message from Dr. Janet Townsend, EAGeR Study principal investigator:

“As the publication date for the EAGeR Study draw nears, I find myself thinking about what an important contribution each participant made by taking part in EAGeR. Women and families throughout the world will benefit from the knowledge gained through the study. Northeast Pennsylvania and Geisinger Commonwealth will benefit from what we have learned together about carrying out clinical trials. Thank you for your generosity. Please keep in touch.” – Dr. Janet Townsend

Previous participant information: