Center for Learning Excellence

The Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) provides a host of personal, academic and referral services to enhance the interpersonal and educational experiences of Geisinger Commonwealth students.

Academic Services

  • Academic support and advising: Individual academic support and group workshops are provided to students in the areas of time management, higher level study skills, organization, study guide construction, and self-testing.
  • Tutoring: Tutorial services are offered at no cost to students through small group and individual formats. Faculty is available to assist students with course content through office hours and online chats.
  • Disability services: Geisinger Commonwealth is in full compliance with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. CLE staff coordinates reasonable accommodations for eligible students with documented disabilities.
  • Professional preparation/professional skill development: CLE staff provides workshops and individual consults to assist medical students with application and preparation needs for Step 1 and Step 2 of the USMLE.

Personal Support

  • Personal supportive counseling: Short-term supportive counseling services are available to students with transient or time-limited challenges.
  • Therapeutic counseling: Therapeutic counseling services are available to students through licensed community professionals. These services, while easily accessible, are offered off site to ensure student comfort and confidentiality. Students may access these services through Student Health Services using medical insurance or sliding fee scales.
  • Workshops/modules: CLE staff provides group workshops and online modules to assist students with work-life balance to achieve their academic goals.

Contact Information

Jackie Ghormoz, MSW, CSW
Assistant Dean of Students

Amy S. Kline, MA
Assistant Director of the Center for Learning Excellence

Tanya Morgan, MS
Student Success Coordinator, Center for Learning Excellence

Linda Learn, MSW, MBA
Student Affairs Manager for Clinical Activities