Withdrawal Policy

Students who wish to withdraw from the College can either do so in writing or orally. Geisinger Commonwealth requires all students to complete and submit the approved Student Withdrawal Form to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs located on the third floor of the Medical Sciences Building in Scranton. The student may be asked for a letter in addition to the withdrawal form. The effective date of withdrawal will be recorded the day the student notifies the College. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will immediately notify the Registrar to withdraw the student from all courses. The Registrar will immediately notify Financial Aid and Student Accounts of the official date of the withdrawal. Cancellation of charges, if any, will be determined by the official date of withdrawal (see refund policy). The following must be completed before an official withdrawal can be completed:

  • Return books/materials to the library.
  • Return College ID card.
  • Return parking permit (if applicable).
  • Complete an exit interview with Financial Aid.
  • Complete and submit the official withdrawal form.
  • Return technology package (MBS program).