Student Health Services

Providing students with health, wellness, and counseling services.

Mission Statement

Geisinger Commonwealth Student Health Services (SHS) aims to support the educational experience of students and minimize health-related barriers to learning by providing high quality health services and health education. Our mission is also to guide students toward a personal commitment to wellness and self-care that will lay the foundation for a healthy life, assist them to become self-directed and well-informed, active consumers of health care, as well as “model” patients in the community.

Geisinger Commonwealth students may choose several options for personal healthcare and healthcare for family members:

  • Primary care with a local physician – appointments for urgent complaints can be made with a primary care physician or with Geisinger Commonwealth Student Health Services
  • Primary care at Geisinger Commonwealth Student Health Services for the Geisinger Commonwealth student and care for family members with a local primary care physician, or
  • Primary care for the Geisinger Commonwealth student and family members at Geisinger Commonwealth Student Health Services

Services Provided by SHS

  • Primary care, including preventive care and evaluation/management of acute and chronic medical problems. Preventive care includes health education, periodic health assessments and physical exams, gynecological or testicular exams, and contraceptive counseling.
  • Evaluation and management of acute complaints (such as infections, pain, minor injuries)
    Laboratory and other diagnostic tests when indicated
  • Ordering medications, laboratory, radiological, diagnostic and therapeutic studies and other therapies as needed
  • Perform EKSs blood sugars, ABIs and spirometry when indicated
  • Mole removal, knee aspirations as well other therapeutic injections when indicated
  • Confidential HIV/STD testing and follow-up
  • 24-hour on-call with a medical provider for advice regarding urgent issues
  • Referral as needed to 24-hour emergency care at local emergency departments
  • Information and referral to area primary care and specialist physicians and other health care providers
  • Administration of vaccines with appropriate referrals from a physician
  • Referral when indicated to the Employee Assistance Program
  • Personalized wellness assessment and coaching
  • Coordination and supervision of care for hospitalized students
  • Access to consultation for work-related exposures to infectious environmental hazards
  • Referral to behavioral health services, including crisis intervention and/or referral for substance use issues


Student records are kept strictly confidential. Information cannot be released to anyone, including family, faculty, or administration, without the written consent of the student.

Please note: Certain public health diseases must be reported to the Department of Health by law.

Provision of Sensitive Health Services to Geisinger Commonwealth Students

The faculty and staff of Geisinger Commonwealth understand that many health and psychological/psychiatric issues confronting Geisinger Commonwealth students may be of a sensitive nature and that a professional patient relationship between Geisinger Commonwealth faculty and students would be inconsistent with a teacher-student relationship.

Should a Geisinger Commonwealth faculty member provide health services of a sensitive nature to a Geisinger Commonwealth student, the faculty member will have no involvement in the academic evaluation or promotion of the student receiving those services.